The MAGX2 is mains powered flowmeter with the philosophy of the modular design „plug and play“ keeping all its advantages with a few additional improvements to satisfy the feedback received from our distributors. It is a flexible device suitable for most applications, from the most simple ones where reading is checked visually to the most demanding, ones requiring a high technical solution such as 3G/GPRS/GSM or TCP/IP communication. The basic configuration consists of the transmitter including only display and buttons to guarantee the lowest price. Then is possible to add a widen range of modules to that basic configuration to add optional features as outputs, communications, or data-logging according to each application's requirements. Those features are added by extra modules which are in fact small electronic boards, the size of a large postage stamp, which can be freely installed and removed from the mainboard in seconds.

Build your own flowmeter

We offer you the possibility to customize to get the flowmeter according to your needs and your application.

Plug and play

To know more about the range of communication modules click on the picture below.

Transmitter specification

Accuracy ±0,2% (0,5 - 10m/s) of actual value 
Power supply 12-35 VDC, 90-250 VAC, including battery backup option
Communication Modbus RTU
Flow direction Bi-directional measurement
Ambient temperature -20 to 60°C
Display LCD 128 x 64 px graphical, contrast setup
Control 6 touch buttons + communication modules
Electronics protection IP68
Other features Auto-diagnostics
Multi-language options
Test of excitation coils
Empty pipe detection
Zero flow adjustment
Flow simulator
Verification tool available
Analogue outputs 4-20 mA current output signal module
Pulse output
Pulse 230 output
Analogue inputs External temperature sensor
External pressure sensor
Digital outputs (communication) 3G/GPRS/GMS, RS485, RS232, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, Wi-fi, USB, M-Bus
Data logger Micro SD card

Sensor specification

Connection types DIN, ANSI, JIS, other types on request
Flange Carbon steel as standard
Nominal size 20-900 mm, other sizes on request
Ambient temperature -20 to 60°C
Sensor protection IP68
Liner Hard Rubber, Hygienic Rubber, PTFE, other material on request
Electrodes Hastelloy as standard, other materials on request
Measuring tube Stainless steel 1.4301
Outer casing Carbon steel (1.0036) as standard
External coating Lacquered finish (anticorrosive)
Accessories options Earthing rings for plastic and lined pipes
Coils resistance 100 Ω
Other features Earthing through 3rd and 4th electrodes

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